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crabbage and nigh

silent treatment and a 12 step plan
made some progress now I’m back again

I’m eatin’ healthy an d I’m lookin’ good

I called my mother like you said I should

I was told as a kid that the end would be cold
but the call of the poles made a show took me in
now I’m bound to the hope wi th a rope made of lies
so my soul: never old, never dies.

was outta bound, but now I’m back again
i beat the devil at his own game
he was sloppy didn’t understand
how handle this preacher man, oh no

now the waves of our youth are cutting teeth on our graves
all of you here will die and the time might be soon
I would open my heart, but my head tells me no
so my soul: never dies, never old

I remember a time when the rhymes wore me thin
then my mind lost it’s hold and the roles lost their sence
now we say what we feel and we’re real with the day
so my soul: take to wing and fly away

rainbow sugar sqeeze

Please, Can’t you see me on my hands and knees
Weeping pools and rainbo w sugar sqeeze
In the back room shakey at the knees
Holding out for something better

Hands, Holding plans for strange exotic lands
Whe re we’ll make our fortune in demands
Flyi ng high diving out into our fans
They’ re the only four who listen

now i don’t know right from wrong, cuz I’m innocent again
And i don’t need to win, I just need to sing my song
An d the river’s rolling in, And the weak , becoming strong
So you know it wont be long, Further up and further in...

Sl ow, I didn’t know we had fallen down below
Si nce my watch broke i don’t know when to go
But hav e you noticed the heavens all aglow
And the earth is radient

Then i remem bered i forgot, But I really can’t be sure
There’ll never be a cure, To m y mind turni ng to rot
But if you’ll t ake me by the lure, Then I’ ll gladly call your shot
And if you’ll teach me wha t you taught, Onc e again I will be pure.

love is deep - lov e is wide - Love is long

Car Man

The song is c alling your name
Your finger pointing the blame
Not dealing well with the change?
into the flames, Into the strange

And you were holding my hand
You were describing your plans
Building a c astle of sand
“Isn’t that grand?“ “no, I don’t understand.”

You were my favorite star
You were the man with the car
We didn’t g et very far
now everything is bizarre

You took a s hot in the arm
Promised to do you no harm
I drew you in w ith my charm
Sold you t he farm, no cause for alarm.

And you were hold ing my hand
You were describing your plans
Building a castle of sand
“Isn’t that grand?“ “no, I don’t understand.”

You were my f avorite star
You were the m an with the car
We didn’t get very far
now everything is bizarre

I see the tide rolling in
I hear the singing again
And then us losers’ll win
And we’ll be lov ers again

What is your soul worth, when you’ve gained the world?

hark yonder preacher. lay down the law
take and recieve it. reject it all
I’ ve seen the spiders, crawlin on your soul
I know your fires, I know your mold

and what is your soul worth, when you’ve gained the world?
y ou’d give it forf eit, for just a little gold
Y ou’ll spill your dinner, when the flag’s unfurled
an d what is your soul worth, when you’ve gained the world?

when it’s cold, lose control, jelly roll, U ncontrolled, common cold, story told, rock and roll, tokio

What is a soldier, when there’s no war?
What can you wish for, when the world’s no more
Saint or a sinner, boy or a girl
What is your soul worth, when you’ve gained the world?

Pestle & Mortar

Hand some, the devil, in a m other’s son
Han ging the garden gods of babylon
Man you could never tell me nothing none ‘bout you
Take m e to somewhere wh ere the lovie doves
When you were wondering w here it was from
Bound in a honey lemon, now undone, in you

Winter is over, summer is coming in, on the wind
Can’t hear the running, in to the sunder land, hold her hand
Into the running and under the god made man, I’m humblin’
Summer is over, come on and hold my hand, understand.

When you were younger you were so annoying
Burning your feelings there ‘fore everyone
Getting around it took a summer lung (long) with you
Now that your older you and the way is known
There to place where all the lepers go,
Ten million reasons I would never show for you

Summer is over, winter is coming in, tumblin’
now that you’re colder, now that your fumblin’, crumblin’
I can’t reme mber why you were ever in, leperin’
I can’t remember, I can’t remembe r it, ‘member it.

Running is over, Summer can come on i n, find a friend
When you’re a lon er, then you’re alone again, time to bend
Into the calling, nothing is stalling him, he’s plunging in
Sencing the thunder, still he will not give in, ‘till he’s back again

Water thru my window

I didn’t ever know him
recognize or hear of him
till all of a sudden
I was standing right above him

he took off all my work clothes
drew a bath a nd cracked a window
said he had been so low
but was better, since I was home

If you’re here I must know
Where’d the fear go? high or down low
Flooding thru my window
Where the wind blows, There my friend shows, you

did I dream of your love?
All the voices, I just made up?
are answers ever enough?
Cuz believing can be so tough

If it’s real I must know
No more fools’s gold, searching shadows
If you’re still a no-show
still my path’s known, I’m on my way home, to you

it eat’s me like a cancer
all these questions with no answers
and so I play the chancer
on the high wire, like a dancer

all texts by william wilson whittenberg ©wilsongs